Privacy Policy

At, we know your privacy online is super important, especially when you’re doing business. This page will explain how we handle your privacy, for both people who just visit our site (“Visitors”) and those who sign up and do business with us (“Authorized Customers”).

‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII) is a fancy term for info that can be used to figure out who you are. It includes things like your name, address, phone number, email, financial information, social security number, and credit card info. We don’t count anonymous data or general demographic details as PII.

We collect basic user info from all our Visitors. For our Authorized Customers, we might collect more details such as business info, how to contact them, and info about the business they’re doing with us.

Also, some companies we work with, like credit card companies or banks, might collect info from Visitors and Authorized Customers, too. We don’t control what they do with this info, but we ask them to tell us how they use it.

We use the PII we collect to make our site better, customize our services, and complete business transactions. We might also contact our Visitors and Authorized Customers about research projects or relevant info about our site. Plus, we might use this info to answer your questions.

We might share Authorized Customer data with other Authorized Customers to help evaluate potential business deals. We might also share Visitor and Authorized Customer data, including demographics, with our partners or other companies we work with.

We keep all the PII we collect safe and out of reach from people who shouldn’t see it.
Visitors and Authorized Customers can choose not to get unsolicited info or messages from us or our partners. You can do this by following the instructions in our emails or getting in touch with us directly.
We use cookies to remember visitor preferences and make the site safer for Authorized Customers.
We use info like IP addresses, internet service providers, and browser types to better understand our visitors and keep our site running smoothly.

Our partners might need access to some PII to evaluate our services. We don’t control how they handle this data.
Sometimes, we might have to share PII to follow the law, like if a court or the police ask for it.
Our staff know how to keep your info safe, and access to PII is restricted. We also frequently check our security systems and use encryption for sensitive data.

Visitors and Authorized Customers can correct their PII by emailing us.

Visitors and Authorized Customers can ask to delete or deactivate their PII. We’ll do this quickly, unless we need the data for backups or record-keeping.

If we change this privacy policy, we’ll post it on our site. If the changes are big and might reveal more of your info, we’ll let affected Visitors and Authorized Customers know.

Our site contains links to other websites. Please check out their privacy policies too, because they might handle privacy differently than we do.